Cell Cycle Sequencing


  1. For the following cell cycle stages below, insert an image to represent the stage.  Describe the major event happening at each stage.
  2. Complete the questions below and publish your post.




In Interphase, the stage that cells spend most of their lives, where they grow. Then the DNA and organelles replicate.





In Prophase, DNA condenses into thick rods, the Nuclear Envelope dissolves and the Spindle Fibers form.





In Metaphase, Spindle fibers help the chromosomes line up along the equator of cell. The Centromere (middle part) attaches to the Spindle Fiber





In Anaphase, the Chromotids separate into chromosomes, which move to opposite ends of the cells.




In Telophase, chromosomes uncoil and break apart. The nuclear envelope forms and the cell membrane reappears. The cell finishes division and re-enters the interphase stage.




  1. Human cells contain 46 chromosomes (23 sets) before mitosis.  How many do they have after mitosis? The new cell will have 46 chromosomes.


  1. How are the two new cells genetically similar? They are an identical copy.


  1. During anaphase, what structures are attached to the centromes? What is their role? Spindle Fibers attach to the centromes during anaphase, and they help the chromosomes line up on the equator of the cell.


  1. Indicate at which stage the cell cycle begins. Technically, there is no starting or stopping point in a cycle. One may suppose the cycle begins after Telophase and Cytokinesis have successfully divided into two new cells, and they begin Interphase.


  1. Indicate at which stage DNA replicates. Interphase


  1. In what phase does the cell spend most of its life? Interphase


  1. Compare and contrast the outcomes of Interphase and Mitosis. Interphase is similar to Mitosis in that it is a part of it, but in Interphase the cell is merely growing and Mitosis refers to the process of cell division as a whole, i.e the outcome of two new cells.

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